Creative Director


What does it take to earn a living from your creative talent?

Creativity? Determination?


But that’s just for starters.

Truly successful artists become so because they:

  • know how to motivate themselves and inspire interest and enthusiasm in others

  • know how to manage their workflow and build in space for creative thinking

  • know when to say yes and, just as importantly, when to say no

  • understand their intellectual property rights and when its right to share knowledge

  • know how to pitch an idea and how to respond to a commission

  • spend time building their reputation and building their network

I’ve spent over twenty years working in the arts and creative industries, supporting, nurturing, collaborating with and commissioning artists and creatives of all disciplines at all levels. I’ve seen brilliantly, creative ideas fail to get off the ground because the instigator didn’t have the skills to see it through and I’ve seen distincly mediocre work fly because the originator knew exactly how to pull together a water-tight proposition that met the objectives

Whatever your ambitions and whatever stage you’re at in your career, you have within you the power to create a life that plays to your strengths and attracts the type of creative opportunities you’ve always dreamed of. You may just need a little inspiration, a good sprinkling of know-how and an experienced hand to guide you.

I’ve created The ArtSpa Academy to do just that. An inspirational and practical collection of game-changing online courses that will give you the tools to raise your ambition, develop your practice and portfolio and empower you to take control of your career on your terms. All classes are self-paced which means that you can begin whenever and wherever you want and work your learning around your own schedule. Sound good?

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